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OK with me, but 1) I'm a Microsoft stockholder and 2) I'm not going 
to stand still for people trashing Capitalist successes!! 'Nuff said.

At 03:34 PM 9/4/2007 -0400, LWATCDR wrote:
>1. I really HATE POLITICS.
>2. I think Speex is a great solution to the problem of compressing 
>human speech.
>3. Good heavens people can we please stop throwing around words like
>communist and socialism.
>4. Government funded research has done a lot for the US and other
>countries. Going all the way back to the NACA cowling and airfoils
>that where vital in the development of airliners and the fighters and
>bombers that won World War II to the weather satellites and NOAA
>today. I have no problem with Australia using the public research that
>my tax dollars in the US produces so it only seems fair that I get to
>use Speex :)
>As too how good Speex is? Well Microsoft used it in XBox live for years.
>So can we really end all this junk and all of us get back to writing code?
>PS if you don't like Speex then don't use it is the way I look at it.
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