[Speex-dev] question about speex

daryoosh goal ahmadagha23 at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 28 10:36:15 PDT 2007

Dear Sir\Madam;

Thanks for your source codes.

You mentioned that your speex source code can be compiled for ti-c54 family; but you use linux command-line as following to compile speex for C54 family:

% ./configure -prefix=<path> -enable-ti-c55x

% make

% make install

Is it true?! Then what is the output file for loading on DSP chip (C54)?? As I remember the compiled file for C5x family was *.out file. Does this command produce *.out file?

In other words, isn't need to make a project which includes speex source code in "Code Composer Studio" which is dedicated to c5x (and other TI DSPs)?

Please guide me what I must do step by step for using speex on C54?


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