[Speex-dev] Anyone tried to call speex from jni? Need help here!

YUN TAO HAI mailinglists.hytparadisee at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 04:21:48 PDT 2007

Hello folks.

I am using speex through jni. I have no problem doing encoding and
decoding but I would like to use the preprocessor feature. The problem
is my JVM always crash when speex_preprocess_run() is invoked. I
cannot give conclusion that it is this function that caused the error
because I checked the error log and there is no trace to it. However,
if I commented out this line, everything works well and therefore no

And after keep reproducing the error I highly suspect it's a threading
issue. There seemed to be some conflicts between the awt EDT, the java
system compiler thread and my own encoding thread.

If you are interested in helping, post follow ups so I can send you a
simple program demonstrating the problem. I haven't check whether
using pure console app this will happen or not, but that would
basically be useless for me.

If still cannot solve the problem, i need to turn it off atm.

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