[Speex-dev] FW: Message to Speex-dev

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Mon May 14 01:01:48 PDT 2007

> 1. I have downloaded Speex-ver1.1.5.tar.gz from the site
>    "http://svn.xiph.org/releases/speex/". I tried to open
>    the speexenc and speexdec workspace.
>    I get the message window displaying
>    ..\..\speexenc.dsp
>    "This make file was not generated by developer studio"
>    Continuing will create new developer Studio Project to wrap this make
> file

1.1.5 is *very* old. Try version 1.2beta1, which might have better
project files.

> 2. I want to know whether the speex encoded data must be in
>    "Ogg format" before giving it as input to the speex decoder as
>    downloaded from the website?

If you mean the "speexdec" decoder, than yes the input must be in
Ogg/Speex format (as produced by speexenc).

> 3. Can a older version of speed encoded speech data can be decoded using a
> new version
>    speex decoder?

Anything that was encoded with version 1.0 or later can be decoded by
any decoder version 1.0 or later. So versions don't matter unless you're
using *really* old encoders/decoders (version 1.0 was released in March


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