[Speex-dev] problem on blackfin

Damien Guiserix damienguiserix at gmail.com
Mon May 14 06:56:16 PDT 2007


I'm using speex provided with the Blackfin SDK on a BF533 EZ-KIT LITE

In this version of speex, the program is used in wide band with a sampling
rate of 16KHZ
But i want to use it in narrow band mode with a sampling rate of 8KHZ

In AudDriverFuncs_AD1836.c file, i see that the supported sample rate are
48000, 24000 and 16000 --> I don't understand because in the readme file it
talks about 8000,16000 and 32000 (Is there a problem???)
Anyway i decide to add a new supported sample rate --> 8KHz

But to every sample rate there is a value associated ADC3?
I don't understand the fonction of ADC3 and the value i must fix my ADC3

So If somebody can help me please


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