[Speex-dev] Blackfin inline assembler and VisualDSP++ toolchain

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Jun 13 16:41:09 PDT 2007

Michael Shatz a écrit :
> Hi Jean-Marc
> I'm trying to integrate your speex codec on our custom Blackfin
> board. The board is not uCLinux compatible and there is no chance
> that it will ever be. I am using ADI-supplied VisualDSP++ IDE and
> corresponding toolchain. As long as I am compiling "C"-only version
> of the library everything is fine. VisualDSP++ produces working
> library. There is only one not so minor problem - the library is
> slow. However when I'm trying to compiler with inline assembler the
> compilation fails. It looks like ADI Blackfin assembler is not
> compatible with gas. Supposedly you are aware of the problem since
> amongst Blackfin developers VisualDSP++ toolchain is the most popular
> by far. Actually I know noone who use gnu toolchain.

Actually, you're the first I know using the VisualDSP++ toolchain :-)
About the inline assembly, I was under the impression that the syntax
was compatible. Could you tell me what's the problem? If it's just one
bit, you can easily remove the function and things will work as before.
Here's some more information about Speex on the Blackfin from David
Rowe's blog:

BTW, when you say it's slow, can you be more precise? What performance
do you expect and what do you get? Using gcc, I think David got it down
to ~20 MIPS at 15 kbps, so I assume VisualDSP++ should be able to do
better than that.



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