[Speex-dev] Batch Processing for SpeexEnc and SpeexDec

Paul Gunia pgunia at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 12:20:10 PST 2007

Hello, I am a master's student using Speex for my thesis research.

My question is this: I am running speex from a command line in Unix
and I want to encode/decode numerous files at once. How can this be
done since the speexenc requires [options] input_filename.wav
output_filename.spx and the reverse extensions for the decoder.

Sorry I am much more of a hardware (read: EE) then a CS guy. I
attempted to use wildcards, since all the speech files are named
'S#.wav' where # is the frame # being encoded. This didn't work
however. Any Help would be appreciated.


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