[Speex-dev] Visual Studio project files in Speex 1.2beta

Alexander Chemeris ipse.speex at gmail.com
Wed Jan 3 11:16:12 PST 2007


I maintain audio processing part of code in sipXtapi -- open-source
VoIP library. And when I engaged Speex library, I found that its Windows
project files are not up to date and use strange settings. They miss several
source files and use single-threaded static runtime libraries. I see no benefits
of using static and moreover single-threaded libraries. In the modern world
very small amount of applications are single threaded, and even if they
are they have very small benefits from no linking with multi-threaded libraries.
And if library linked with single-threaded runtime, when main project link with
multi-threaded, it usually lead to crash.

I'm intersted in simplification of Speex usage under Windows, because
it will decrase number of questions about it to sipXtapi mailing list. And,
so make our life easier. :) So, I have several proposals for Speex usage
1) switch from single-threaded runtime to multi-threaded one.
2) provide static and dynamic libraries in prebuilt Windows version
3) may be provide debug and release libraries (linked with debug and
release runtime libraries)
4) separate VS2003 development package from VS2005 one (and VS6
may be). VS2003 and VS2005 use different runtime libraries and I'm not
sure that Speex, linked with VS2005 runtime, will work correctly in
VS2003 project.
5) move dll's to 'bin' directory, lib's to lib directory and includes to
'include/speex' directory instead of putting all together in one dir.

If this changes are wanted, I may create patches for VS2003 project
and, may be, for VS2005 and VS6.

Alexander Chemeris.

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