[Speex-dev] Exc CB Search very little Question

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca
Wed Sep 20 15:52:30 PDT 2006

> So you're suggesting, I can either write into the stream:
> - nind[0][0..nb_subvect], or
> - nind[1][0..nb_subvect], or
> - nind[2][0..nb_subvect], or
> - ...
> Or do I have to do a little more hacking in the search function to get
> the N best _combinations_ of CB IDs?

You'll have to also update the few other places that used nind after the
search. If you do it right, you almost won't notice the quality drop. If
you do it wrong, it may be a bit more apparent.

> Wouldn't it be easier and just as effective (for N==2) to do the following:
> Get nb_subvect indeces to write into the stream. Write all but the last
> of these into the stream. If nind[0][nb_subvect-1] and
> nind[1][nb_subvect-1] have different LSBs and if the difference between
> ndist[0] and ndist[1] is small enough (smaller than the normal variation
> of ndist[0], which can be measured), we can decide to write
> nind[1][nb_subvect-1] into the stream instead of nind[0][nb_subvect-1].
> (that's actually what I am doing right now)

It would be *nearly* as effective.


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