[Speex-dev] AEC with WB mode

Jean-Christophe.Berge at etu.enseeiht.fr Jean-Christophe.Berge at etu.enseeiht.fr
Tue Sep 19 23:46:03 PDT 2006


I just tried the latest linphone version (1.4.0) which include Speex NB
and WB and the possibility to use speex AEC.

Unfortunatly, I found that the AEC does not work well with WB mode.(the
AEC seems to suppress the speech and let the echo pass...)

I found that they used a tail length of 2048 and a framesize of 128 to
initialize the AEC. thus, as recommended in the speex manual, I replaced
them with a 3200 tail length and a 320 frame size.

But it still doesn't work...

Wich parameter has to be modified when using the AEC in WB instead of NB
And does the AEC ever worked in wideband mode ?

Thanks for your help, and for this wonderful codec !
Sorry for my English

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