[Speex-dev] Quick survey for Speex 1.2

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Wed Nov 22 21:18:18 PST 2006


How about the VAD issue now?
Could you point out which part of the code caused the decrease of VAD?



On 11/15/06, Jean-Marc Valin <jean-marc.valin at usherbrooke.ca> wrote:
> > /* FIXME: This VAD is a kludge */
> > .. and it shows (or hears?) unfortunately. I've run a few tests with it
> > with my users, and they complain that it misdetects too often... In both
> > directions. Non-speech is detected as speech more often than before, and
> > more important it also doesn't detect speech as good as before.
> > I'd really like to see this "fixed" in some way before 1.2.
> OK, it's good to have that information. I'll try to fix that before 1.2.
> > I used to grab quite a few bits of data directly from the
> > SpeexPreprocessState structure. I have a Audio Statistics window in my
> > application which would show SNR info (Zlast), the speech probability
> > and a graphical view of ps and noise. This really helped users to
> > improve the quality of their input, as they could clearly and
> > immediately see the effect of changes in the environment.
> > These data are now private and can't easily be extracted from an outside
> > program. Would it be possible to add _ctl calls to GET_PS, GET_NOISE,
> > GET_SNR etc? Would you accept patches which did this?
> One of the main reasons the struct is now private is that its content
> depends on whether Speex was compiled for fixed-point or floating-point.
> I'm not against making it possible to extract some information, but it
> needs to be done in a clean way, that doesn't depend on whether you
> compiled with float or int.
>         Jean-Marc
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