[Speex-dev] 1.2beta1 speex_bits_pack realloc issue?

Findlay, Dave Dave.Findlay at healthcare.vocollect.com
Tue Nov 21 15:26:34 PST 2006

In bits.c\speex_bits_pack there is logic to reallocate the bits buffer.
In that section there is a call to speex_memset_bytes which appears to
wipe out all the old bytes. I found when I encoded a multi-frame message
that needed less than the default 2000 bytes for bits->chars, everything
worked fine. However, when I encoded a longer message that triggered the
realloc code in speex_bits_pack, all I got at decode was silence. When I
commented out the call to speex_memset_bytes the problem went away.

I see this memset in 1.1.12 bits.c but not in 1.1.6 bits.c. I was using
1.1.6 previously without having to change any code.

Am I missing something?


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