[Speex-dev] ARM7 decode resource requirements

Anderton, John john.anderton at epson-electronics.de
Tue Mar 28 02:47:45 PST 2006

Hi all

I'm looking in to using speex for an ARM7 based speech decode development
(note we need the decode only). My hope is that we should be able to run the
decoder (in wideband mode) real time on the ARM7 (40MHz) without any
problems (the difficulty would be in the encode - but we plan to run that
offline on a PC - so we should be OK). Can anyone confirm that this is the
case please?

Also I'd like to get a handle on memory requirements, has anyone got any
rough estimates of the ROM & RAM footprint of the decoder, built for the

One last question, any estimates for how much of the decoder code is in
floating point (number of lines of code)?

Thanks & regards
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