[Speex-dev] ARM7 Speex decoder

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Wed Mar 22 05:23:24 PST 2006

Le mercredi 22 mars 2006 à 14:12 +0100, pberna at iol.it a écrit :
> I don't have an additional RAM, and franking specking I don't want to
> put nose in the detail of the speex library. I can only conclude that
> speex, is not suitable for architecture with a limited memory
> foot-print at the moment. Furthermore, a floating point architecture
> still necessary, it a pitty, because I think speex is a very good
> project. For your info I was able to move the libmad (MP3 library) on
> ARM7 this the small amount of memory foot-print

I can only conclude that you haven't paid any attention to what we've
been saying. Speex does *not* require an FPU and when it comes to
memory, there a lot of stuff you can remove (code and data) if you don't
need it. Now, if you can't read C code (or get someone to do it),
there's nothing I can do for you.


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