[Speex-dev] Who is using the jitter buffer?

Lis lis at 1234567890qwertzuiopasdfghjklyxcvbnm.de
Mon Mar 20 15:29:06 PST 2006

>> I would think you might also do better if you interleaved packets when
>> you did this: instead of sending packets like this: [0,1] [2,3] [4,5]
>> [6,7], send them like this: [0,2] [1,3] [4,6] [5,7] In this way, if one
>> packet is dropped you don't lose two consecutive voice frames.
> No, but you make the latency even worse. I think 01, 23, 45, ... is
> still probably best.

hm, ram memory isnt get slowlyer if you try to send half of a packet
and then start to send the next 2*half.
(i. e. send the half block, start send after your pointer reaches the 2*half 
You have to write it the same schema as if you send it.
By the way.. can someone of you send some good books for audio calculations
or at least some good tutorials.

Or if someone can give me a adress with some compress theoretics,
with examples, it would be great.
Yes i readen the sum formulas in the speex manual... but they are to complex
without a professor that can explain it in words whitch I understand, and 
without the needs of
a week. 

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