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Alex Lupoian lupoianalex at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 14 10:33:37 PST 2006

  I've looked into SPEEX SDK and source codes provided on site www.speex.org , and I'm trying to include in my Visual Studio 2005 - Visual C++ SmartDevice WM 5.0 the facilities provided by SPEEX (both encoding/decoding).I've downloaded the header files (i.e. Speex.h Speex_bits.h etc) and also the libspeex.lib.After creating my encoding/decoding functions following the examples sampleenc.c and sampledec.c and including the *.h files and the libspeex.lib in my project , i've got some linker problems concerning the functions imported from that lib , and after some days of trying to fix the problems and following the help provided from speex-dev at xiph.org i've reached to the conclusion that the libspeex.lib was compiled with a different type of compiler.Later i've found the libspeex_arm.lib for Pocket PC 2002 on this site : http://www.phonestack.com/software.html.I had no more linker problems and the functions seem to work (i assume) , but the encoding function creates the
 "compressed_file.spcx" (but not corectly , i know this because i've tested the size of the file in comparisson with what i got by using speexenc.exe) and the decoding function crashes my application.What i'm asking is this: 
  1.Could there be a problem concerning the porting to Windows Mobile 5.0 (I'm testing the application on an O2 XDA Mini Pro Windows Mobile 2005 Device) ?
  2.I've followed the sampleenc.c and sampledec.c examples , could that be the case why the functions are not working corectly?
  3.Isn't it a problem concerning UNICODE and by that i mean 16bit wchar_t chars and the way the data from the files is being handled? (because at debug i get weird chars in the ( char cbits[200]) array.
  If you can help me with some answers or advices on how to complete the implementation of SPEEX to a WM 5.0 application i would greatly apreciate it.
  Thank You in advance.
  Alex L. (Romania)

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