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Alex Bakaev Alex.Bakaev at citrix.com
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I think you need to enclose the speex header files in the
extern "C" {}


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I am building an application on Visual Studio 2005 using
Visual C++ Win32 SmartDevice application.I included the
*.h and libspeex.lib files in the project , but i get
linker errors even after I've added de Lib directory that
contains the libspeex.lib in 
Directories) and then 
added the libspeex.lib in
Dependencies).I've found 2 differen libspeex.lib files on
the site , the one i'm trying to use has the size
136.720. Note that with other *.lib files (included in
the same way in the project) , the application doesn't
return these errors , so i'm thinking that the problem is
with the libspeex.lib file.
The errors look like this:
error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
speex_decoder_ctl referenced in function "int __cdecl
my_decoder(void)" (?my_decoder@@YAHXZ)
Please reply if there is a way to correct this error , or
if there exists another libspeex.lib that works on Pocket
PC Win Mobile 2005 SDK.Thanks.Bye


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