[Speex-dev] Library split (poll)

Alfred E. Heggestad aeh at db.org
Wed Jun 28 04:41:38 PDT 2006

Jean-Marc Valin wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In the 1.1.x branch, I've kept adding more stuff to libspeex:
> preprocessor, AEC, etc. I'm now considering moving all those to a
> separate library (libvoip, libspeech, whatever). Anyone on this list has
> good reasons I should consider for either splitting or not splitting
> libspeex?

good idea to split the libraries

If e.g. AEC/Jitterbuffer can be used with other codecs such as G711,
without linking to the speexcodec lib, I think people will reuse the
Speex jitterbuffer implentation and avoid writing their own.

what about:

   libspeexpreproc  Preprocessor
   libspeexaec      Acoustic Echo Cancellation
   libspeexjitter   Jitter buffer
   libspeexcodec    Speex codec itself

it would also make sense if the makefile/configure script of the
applications using the Speex libraries can automatically detect
which libraries/header files are installed on the system.


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