[Speex-dev] How to get audio data from microphone on pocketPC ?

Jere Malinen majemi00 at students.oamk.fi
Fri Jun 23 00:00:15 PDT 2006


You should try using fmod(www.fmod.org) for recording. You need fmodce for
pocketpc, and there is recording sample included. Also you should download
fmodex, because there is record to disk sample. I have developed
application for pocket pc which records sound in a wav file.

My problem is that I have not been able to encode sound to speex in pocket
pc. So I have also question for you: do have working speex.dll and
speex.lib for pocket pc? How did you do that? Could you send those files
to me?


> So i have make an GUI in C# that use the speex functions through dll
> write in C++.
> And the encoding and the decoding using speex seems to work not too
> badly.(i test with a wave file)
> My problem is that i need to get audio data from the microphone.
> In order to do that, i use the waveIn*** functions.
> When i record in a big buffer in *ONE* time, i can play the sound
> perfectly.
> (In this case, i only have one buffer and the callback function is not
> used)
> But if i record in a small buffer (160 char) several times, and i copy
> each time this small buffer in a big buffer, it doesn't work !
> I just can hear some bad sound.
> (in this case, i have several buffer, and when one of them is full,
> the callback is used to handle the data, and if i am still recording,
> i run another time the process using waveInAddBuffer(...) else nothing)
> I also tried to write these audio data in a file, but it doesn't work.
> Thanks.
> Patrick

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