[Speex-dev] How to get audio data from microphone on pocketPC ?

patrick andrieux patrick.andrieux at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 11:14:05 PDT 2006


My name is Patrick, i am french, and i am developping a softphone for pocket
PC using speex.
Sorry in advance for my bad english.

So i have make an GUI in C# that use the speex functions through dll write
in C++.
And the encoding and the decoding using speex seems to work not too badly.(i
test with a wave file)

My problem is that i need to get audio data from the microphone.
In order to do that, i use the waveIn*** functions.

When i record in a big buffer in *ONE* time, i can play the sound perfectly.
(In this case, i only have one buffer and the callback function is not used)

But if i record in a small buffer (160 char) several times, and i copy each
this small buffer in a big buffer, it doesn't work !
I just can hear some bad sound.
(in this case, i have several buffer, and when one of them is full,
the callback is used to handle the data, and if i am still recording,
i run another time the process using waveInAddBuffer(...) else nothing)

I also tried to write these audio data in a file, but it doesn't work.

Is anybody have an idea for help me ?

My english is not very good so if you don't understand something,
please excuse me and don't hesitate to ask me for more detail.

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