[Speex-dev] RE: build speex-1.0.5 problem (undefined reference to `__strtol_internal')

Ariel.Chang at QMITW.COM Ariel.Chang at QMITW.COM
Mon Jul 24 18:23:31 PDT 2006

Dear Jessy,

Did you try to build it by normal gcc first? 

Usually, we run as the following steps..

(1)     Configure 

(2)     Make

(3)     Mke install

(4)     If it works this way, then it means we may need some more libraries in uclibc to build speex .




From: Jessy Wen(溫耀宗) 
Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 4:16 PM
To: Speex-dev at xiph.org
Cc: Ariel Chang(張偉玉); Minglin Tien(田名琳)
Subject: build speex-1.0.5 problem (undefined reference to `__strtol_internal')



           I use uclibc to do arm linux cross compiler then build speex-1.0.5.


In build encounter problem:


speexenc.o(.text+0x15b4): In function `main':

speexenc.c: undefined reference to `__strtol_internal'

speexenc.o(.text+0x1ac0):speexenc.c: undefined reference to `__strtol_internal'

speexenc.o(.text+0x1ad8):speexenc.c: undefined reference to `__strtod_internal'

speexenc.o(.text+0x1afc):speexenc.c: undefined reference to `__strtol_internal'

speexenc.o(.text+0x1b20):speexenc.c: undefined reference to `__strtol_internal'

speexenc.o(.text+0x1b44):speexenc.c: undefined reference to `__strtol_internal'

speexenc.o(.text+0x1bf4):speexenc.c: undefined reference to `__strtol_internal'

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

make[3]: *** [speexenc] Error 1

make[3]: Leaving directory `/home/jessy/process_ctrl_7_21/apps_src/opensource/speex-1.0.5/src'


Do I lost what steps ? Please,give me suggestion to slove the problem.







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