[Speex-dev] echo cancellation seg faults

ac2491 at columbia.edu ac2491 at columbia.edu
Wed Jul 19 15:42:00 PDT 2006

Hi Jean,

I got the earlier problem fied with correct NN and tail values. But
I dont see any echo being cancelled. To the echo cancel API I am
giving, audio packets that are being played currently and audio
packets that are captured from the mic.

Since the audio packets being played came from machine B (as in a
normal VoIP call), could this be a potential problem? As the
packets being compared originated at different machines.


Quoting ac2491 at columbia.edu:

> Hi,
> For my VoIP application machine A sends speex encoded audio of to
> machine B and vice versa at. Data is captured in PCM 8Khz, 16 bit
> and then encoded using speex 1.1.12
> The packet A played and the packet A captured through mic are the
> input to speex echo canceller. So I am trying to remove traces of
> packet A played from the captured data. I have followed example
> testecho.c
> All I hear is some metallic sounds and after some time there is
> an
> illegal memory reference in mdf.c filter_dc_notch16 function at
> spx_word16_t vin = in[i]
> Any clues as to what is going wrong?
> Thanks
> -Anurag
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