[Speex-dev] Oggcodecs 0.70.0827 released!

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Thu Feb 16 10:48:28 PST 2006

Finally, after a year without a release, here is V0.70 

If you don't know. Oggcodecs is a set of directshow filters to allow the 
playback of all the xiph codecs (vorbis, theora, speex and flac) in 
directshow, ie Windows Media Player and several other windows players.

Hopefully, now I can get back to a shorter release cycle through 0.7x

New stuff and stuff I fixed....

* Seeks properly in theora... to any frame, without artefacts... (most of 
the time! there is a small bug and occasionally it misses the keyframe, but 
it's a lot better than artefacts every time)
* Seeking accuracy improved in all codecs. Everything seeks within 1 audio 
sample (ie. sub second) rather than to page or even packet boundaries.
* Works much better on staticly streamed files over http. Still no seeking 
over http.
* Upgraded most of the libraries a couple of months ago, but to just get a 
release done, I didn't get stuff that happened since then (ie spx 1.1.12 or 
vorbis 1.1.2) since I just want to release and have a new baseline to work 
* Some improvements to .ogm, but I didn't get a chance to finish everything 
before the release. It does not attach itself to the .ogm extension to avoid 
messing with your current .ogm solution. You'll need to rename the file to 
.ogg to make it play. When the support is more reliable, I will attach to 
the .ogm extension.
* Fixed the audio level problem in flac.
* Synch should be a lot tighter now.
* Random other bugfixes.

Stuff I broke...

Previously it had a nasty trick to allow it to stream chained icecast 
streams... it was always a bad way, but it kinda worked. But now I can't get 
away with that. I will be looking to implement that properly when I get a 
chance. If you really want to stream icecast streams, you might have to 
stick with 0.69 for now :(

I probably broke some other stuff... but if I don't release now, it will 
keep getting put off!

As usual send your bug reports and feedback to me at ogg at illiminable.com



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