[Speex-dev] About wideband encode

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Fri Feb 10 00:05:19 PST 2006

Hi, all.
I have two questions about wideband encoding.
>From "testenc_wb.c"...
   speex_encoder_ctl(st, SPEEX_SET_QUALITY, &tmp);
   speex_encoder_ctl(st, SPEEX_SET_HIGH_MODE, &tmp);
   speex_encoder_ctl(st, SPEEX_SET_LOW_MODE, &tmp);
How to set high_mode and low_mode, if quality is set to '9'?
When I set quality '9' / high_mode '3' / low_mode '6', encode as like quality is '8'.
And what does high/low mode value in encoding process?
   callback.callback_id = SPEEX_INBAND_CHAR;
   callback.func = speex_std_char_handler;
   callback.data = stderr;
   speex_decoder_ctl(dec, SPEEX_SET_HANDLER, &callback);
   callback.callback_id = SPEEX_INBAND_MODE_REQUEST;
   callback.func = speex_std_mode_request_handler;
   callback.data = st;
   speex_decoder_ctl(dec, SPEEX_SET_HANDLER, &callback);
Are these codes essential for encoding? 
I don't know role of above codes.
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