[Speex-dev] Speex at ARM Devices (Symbian OS)

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Fri Feb 3 02:52:32 PST 2006

> what are you calling slow ARM core? I experimented voip with alaw and
> µlaw on the ti omap 5912 board running at 192MHz and it basically
> sucks 80% of the cpu. 

Obviously, the 80% CPU is not used for the u-law encoding. What I was
talking about is Speex itself requiring about 90 MHz of a slow ARM core
(can be less on a good core).

> As for speex i couldn't make it run correctly. I
> used gstreamer, so if you tell me you get good results on this kind of
> board with these codecs, maybe i have a major overhead in gstreamer
> which is something to investigate.

That's possible. In any case, u-law conversion can be done with far less
than 1 MHz... About Speex, you would likely need to enable ARM
optimizations and set the complexity to 1 (default it 2).


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