[Speex-dev] Major internal changes, TI DSP build change

Jim Crichton jim.crichton at comcast.net
Tue Apr 18 09:48:39 PDT 2006

>> 2:  The decoder is broken.  Running the Male.wav test file, I get all 
>> zeros
>> out for the first 5 seconds, then 8 samples ranging from -2 to 2, and 
>> then
>> all 0001 samples to the end of the file.  I got the same result feeding 
>> the
>> encoded bits from Speex version 1.12.  Before I look into this further, I
>> wanted to see if build 11147 was known to be broken.
> Hmm, this isn't good. I wasn't aware of anything being broken, so it
> must be something TI-specific that I accidently broke. Could you check
> other revisions and see where it got broken? At this poing, I have no
> clue what could be responsible. 1.1.12 was working fine, right?

I was wrong, it is the encoder that is not working, and it stopped working 
in build 11103.  The log message for this build is "another 640 bytes 
removed from the encoder state (using the input data instead of copying it 
to st->frame/st->inBuf)".  Only nb_celp.c/h are changed in this build.  What 
I am seeing out of the decoder is an extremely low signal (sample values of 
+/-10, in this build, by build 11126 the output is almost all zeros).

It may be a compiler hiccup in scaling/shifting, or else somehow the pointer 
to the data has been trashed.  I tried scaling the input data up by a factor 
of 10, and this affected the output, but it is still just low amplitude 
noise.  I will look some more tomorrow.  Maye the first place that I should 
look is at line 782, "/*FIXME: This is a kludge that will break eventually 

- Jim 

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