[Speex-dev] How to create a compact Speex library

Jim Crichton jim.crichton at comcast.net
Tue Apr 18 03:09:50 PDT 2006


> Thanks for your help.  And sorry to Jean-Marc for
> implying that I don't want to do any work and just
> "free-load" off everyone else's efforts.  I just
> wanted  some hints/pointers as to what I should remove
> given my operating Speex parameters (5.95 kilo bits
> /sec).  Jim, you are correct, the .a has nothing to do
> with the final resources being used; the .a has other
> headers/data that don't show up when I linked with my
> application.  By the way, I'm using a TMS320VC5510
> DSP.  Thanks to Jean-Marc for his help:  I was able to
> remove vbr.c, all exc_*.c except exc_10_16_table.c,
> and gain_table.c (for references to those tables, I
> just replaced them with "0", is that OK?).

Have you done any testing yet?  It sounds like you are still working on the 
build.  Note my post from yesterday, that the subversion code is not working 
for C55x, at least not for me.  I will look into this today.

Jean-Marc, version 1.12 works just fine.  I will try a binary search on the 
 >100 versions that have passed since 1.12, and see what I find.  The problem 
is pretty blatant, so it should not be hard to find.

Also, note that in bits.c, speex_bits_write swaps bytes and 
speex_bits_read_from does not, so if you use them both, the decoder gets 
corrupted data, and spews error messages.  I will send a patch in the next 
day or so.

- Jim 

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