[Speex-dev] Echo cancellation Question?

JonganKS andizhong at kingsoft.com
Wed Apr 12 19:25:29 PDT 2006

Yes, First, I'd use _ctl() to modify the setting of sample rate, and Second,
I tried using 8kHz sample rate to compare and the resonance and explosion
does not appear. I found because of notch_radius will sharp the sound and
let the resonance not to be produced. The frequency around the pitch G3

Le mercredi 12 avril 2006 à 17:20 +0800, JonganKS a écrit :
> I use speex 1.1.12 in my program, but I found a strange thing about
> Echo canceller. That is, I'll hear an explosion in a certain frequency
> inputing.

Could you be more precise?

> And I use the echo canceller in 44100Hz sample rate, disable AGC and
> Denoise. Can you tell me what's wrong with me?

Try using 8 kHz just to compare. Other sampling rates are less tested
and you need to specify the sampling rate the the _ctl() call.


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