[Speex-dev] How to create a compact Speex library

ndno72-speex at yahoo.com ndno72-speex at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 13 12:53:20 PDT 2006


Sorry if this a repost but I want to create the
smallest Speex library possible to be put in TI's
TMS320 DSP.  I'm only interested in one configuration:
5.97 Kbps narrowband.  What part of source code can I
remove?  Currently, when I compiled the version 1.1.12
libspeex.a library with the TI TMS320 and
Fixed-Integer options, I get around 522Kb.  I would
like to reduce it to as small as possible given my
above 5.97 Kbps operating constraints (I don't need
all the other extra features from Speex: jitter
buffer, echo cancellation, etc).

Please advise.

Thanks in Advance,


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