[Speex-dev] small patch for preprocess

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Mon Oct 31 00:38:53 PST 2005

> Add the ability to set adaptation time and min noise duration, 

What do you use that for in practice?

> and also provides ability to reset the state of the pre-
> processor via reset function.  

that's a good idea.

> Moves initialization of old_ps
> into < 10 block so it doesn't get called as much.  


> The rest
> are just my annoying reformats that happened when I 
> was trying to synch my version of preprocess with the
> latest from subversion.

That would actually make it a pain to merge.

> In my version I also added a finite check for the echo
> buffer, but probably it should go in the mdf.c (echo canceller).
> So that isn't in there.

What do you mean?


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