[Speex-dev] help using libspeex in win32

David Barrett dbarrett at quinthar.com
Wed Oct 12 10:00:39 PDT 2005

Mo Win wrote:
> First, what's the difference between libspeex and libspeex_dynamic? Do I 
> need to include both projects in my new workspace?

'libspeex' is a 'static' library, while 'libspeex_dynamic' is not.  A 
static library can be linked into the application (ie, makes your 
application big but self sufficient), while a dynamic library is kept 
separate (your application remains small, but you need to ship around 
the libspeex DLL with it).

I prefer static libraries for the distribution simplicity, but there are 
arguments in favor of either way.

Regardless, you only need to pick one of them.

> Next, how do I enable fixed_point using libspeex? Am I correct in 
> assuming that an ARM processor would be able to record speech as speex 
> files in real-time with fixed_point enabled? (I think I read this in a 
> forum somewhere...)

Have you already got everything working using Win32 on a normal PC?

> Finally, forgive me for asking an *obvious* question if it is... but 
> libspeex (together with libogg) was also used to create speexenc and 
> speexdec right? If I'm going to write a program for recording speex then 
> saving it as .spx, do I also need libogg aside from libspeex?

I believe libspeex and libogg are in theory independent, but for 
simplicity the libspeex reference encoder is built using libogg.  So 
yes, you need to link against libogg in order to compile a program using 
the libspeex encoder.


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