[Speex-dev] Changing the meaning of jitter buffer timestamp

Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Wed Oct 5 06:46:48 PDT 2005

> My C book taught me an int is only guaranteed to be 16bits or bigger, and 
> since I am trying to write code that doesn't break on other systems, I am 
> assuming the "worst case". Hence I have to deal with the overflow... Is my 
> information that "int" can be 16bit (a) false or (b) true but not valid for 
> any relevant architecture?

c) assumes that I won't just change the call to say spx_int32_t instead
of "int" ;-) It was always meant to be 32 bits anyway.

> Even with 32 bits, is 37 hours of audio transmition (wide band) something that 
> one should consider not to happen?

I guess I should deal with it at some point, but I'd like to know what
the RTP RFC says first.


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