[Speex-dev] Optimized Codecs for Blackfin DSP

Miroslav Nachev miro at space-comm.com
Thu Mar 24 07:56:56 PST 2005

   Dear Jean,

   The source code for G.729 can be download from ITU for free. Also,
some developer can do yourself as open source G.729 codec without any
help. In this case each who use this codec which source code is free
and open source must pay, but not to the developer.

   Best Regards,
   Miroslav Nachev

JMV> Le jeudi 24 mars 2005 à 10:08 +0000, John Villar a écrit :
>> Jean-Marc, that's not the definition of OpenSource, that's the
>> definition of "Free Software" (Libre!=Gratis)

JMV> Open-Source and Free Software are basically doing the same thing for
JMV> different reasons. If something isn't free software, it's not
JMV> open-source either. There may be exceptions, but I have yet to come
JMV> across one. Certainly not for G.729 or G.723.1.

JMV> 	Jean-Marc

>> John Villar
>> Gerente de Proyectos
>> Computadores Flor Hard Soft 2058 C.A.
>> www.florhard.com
>> Jean-Marc Valin wrote: 
>> > >    Concerning of patent issues, you are not right. The patent is for
>> > > their using, not for the source code. Every one which use G.729, G.723
>> > > must pay taxes for each simultaneous channel and this tax is not
>> > > depend which source code you use - your own or open source or another.
>> > >     
>> > 
>> > Have you recently looked up the definition of open-source? The minimum
>> > requirement is that you're allowed to freely use modify and redistribute
>> > the software. With that in mind, G.729 can never be open-source until
>> > all patents expire. In the best case you could have source available for
>> > free, but that's very far from open-source.
>> > 
>> > 	Jean-Marc
>> > 
>> >   

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