[Speex-dev] Optimized Codecs for Blackfin DSP

Miroslav Nachev miro at space-comm.com
Wed Mar 23 13:33:08 PST 2005


Thank you. I will try it. Do you know some G.72x, GSM, and iLBC
optimized for Blackfin ? I mean open source.

Best regards,
 Miroslav                            mailto:miro at space-comm.com

Wednesday, March 23, 2005, 9:05:11 PM, you wrote:

JMV> Hi,

JMV> As far as I understand, the last patch (for TI C5x) I merged in SVN also
JMV> allows Blackfin to work, but I haven't tested.

JMV> 	Jean-Marc

JMV> Le mercredi 23 mars 2005 à 10:01 +0200, Miroslav Nachev a écrit :
>>    Hi,
>>    Are there any optimized codecs for Analog Blackfin DSP? If yes,
>> from where we can download it?
>>    We are looking for Speech, Audio and Video codecs.
>>    Best Regards,
>>    Miroslav Nachev
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