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Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Thu Mar 3 11:09:52 PST 2005


The Speex manual contains two sample programs called sampleenc.c and
sampledec.c which should be helpful. Otherwise, you can look at
speexenc.c/speexdec.c, but they are more complicated (you don't need the
Ogg packing for VoIP).


Le jeudi 03 mars 2005 à 11:33 +0100, Marco Solari a écrit :
> Hi
> I'm implementing (for the open source) a little voip app. (intended to be
> used by another remote-assistance tool, but usable 'per se'). I'm currently
> using GSM encoder, but would like to use Speex, too. I must make some
> mistake using the lib, because when using Speex I have some problems with
> speech quality (no matter how I tune Speex params.). I'm asking if it's
> avaliable some code snippet, or a SIMPLE voip application (open sound
> device, open a socket, and start reading/writing from one to the other ...)
> to understand what I miss ...
> Thanks in advance to everybody !
> 	Marco Solari
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