[Speex-dev] Bitrate problem

Alex Bakaev Alex.Bakaev at citrix.com
Wed Dec 21 15:44:39 PST 2005

But that's what a jitter buffer will do, eventually -
drop a packet. And it's better to drop a silence packet.


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On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 15:29 -0800, Alex Bakaev wrote:
> This is a common problem. Sound cards run at different
clock speeds 
> (but your difference seems kinda high).
> What I'd suggest is dropping silence packets once in a

Or just use a decent jitter buffer!


> .a
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> Hello all,
> This is a bit off topic but I am sure many of you can
answer it.
> I use speex and speex-wb in my VOIP application. With
speex [at 8 KHz] 
> bitrate is arround 30KBPS, including UDP,RTP headers.
This is OK for 
> me and I get good quality audio.
> Problem is, if call is made from a HIGH END machine
> P4 3.2 GHz with good soundcard] to a LOW END machine
[like P3 550 
> MHz], high end pc sends at more bitrate than as usual
> 31Kbps].And apparently low end PC receives this HIGH
> So, slow end PC receives audio packets at arround 8100
Hz but it is 
> confiured for 8000 Hz. So there are overflows in the
> buffer at receiver end at periodic interval [in my case
after every 30 
> sec], than I flush the buffer which makes some
> What should be approapriate solution for this resynch
> Thanks
> Shantanu
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