[Speex-dev] Labview to speex interface

John Fassotte alaskanaudio at gci.net
Sat Dec 10 16:53:52 PST 2005

I working on a Labview application for an audio server with multiple
clients and I would like to interface with the speex codec using the
Labview call library function.  I'm having some difficulty since I have
not worked with C for over 12 years and am quite confused on the best
way to link into the DLL exports. Has anyone developed Labview VI's for
this purpose?
Also I have attempted to compile the sample encoder code but the
speex_nb_mode export is found as not being defined. In a post made Nov
of 2004 I found what I assume is a fix for this but I have no idea on
what to do with it. The below is what I found in a prior thread.
"You need to use:
      const SpeexMode  *  mode;
      mode  =  speex_lib_get_mode  (SPEEX_MODEID_NB); 
due to some issues with managing the export table for Windows."
Any help with how to interface with Labview and the above problem would
be greatly appreciated.
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