Fw: [Speex-dev] Winamp

John Edwards john.edwards33 at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 18 00:55:58 PDT 2005

You can download a Winamp plugin from: 
http://www.rarewares.org/files/others/in_speex.zip :) I just compiled 
this, using MSVC6, as a generic compile so it should run on just about 
anything. It's compiled using the 1.0.5 Stable libs.


Yogan Khandoo wrote:
> Hi Shane and all on the list,
> Thanks - I already have the Ogg Vorbis encoder (oggenc.exe).
> I am looking to send voice messages to a friend in India and they have 
> terrible connections.  I just need to communicate with him quickly and 
> easily from time to time which is why I'm hoping to compress voice with 
> Speex.  There's an encoder called Speexenc.exe which I already have, now 
> I only need Winamp to read speex files since we are both using Winamp, 
> so a Winamp plugin to read Speex files will be great.
> I could then copy the .spx files to FTP server and get him to download, 
> and he could do same to communicate with me.  Their connections in India 
> are so bad that even live voice chat is useless... and he hates typing. :-(
> Thanks for any info.  I know there must be a Winamp plugin somewhere.  
> Even if someone could E-mail it as an attachment to me that would b great.
> Thanks Folks.
> Yogs

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