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Yogan Khandoo ykhandoo at webmail.co.za
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Hi Shane and all on the list,

Thanks - I already have the Ogg Vorbis encoder (oggenc.exe).
I am looking to send voice messages to a friend in India and they have terrible connections.  I just need to communicate with him quickly and easily from time to time which is why I'm hoping to compress voice with Speex.  There's an encoder called Speexenc.exe which I already have, now I only need Winamp to read speex files since we are both using Winamp, so a Winamp plugin to read Speex files will be great.
I could then copy the .spx files to FTP server and get him to download, and he could do same to communicate with me.  Their connections in India are so bad that even live voice chat is useless... and he hates typing. :-(
Thanks for any info.  I know there must be a Winamp plugin somewhere.  Even if someone could E-mail it as an attachment to me that would b great.

Thanks Folks.


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  SPEEX is only for playback of the spoken word. If you desire music recording/playback, check out VORBIS. Vorbis is a variable bit-rate encoding/decoding system optimized to reproduce music, while compressing the recording considerably from it's original size.

  Check out http://vorbis.com/ 

  Have a great day!


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  Hi Folks,

  I'm looking for a Winamp plugin to play Speex files.  On the Speex Plugins and software page the "Winamp and Cool Edit Plugins = Written by Case" link is dead.  Anybody knows where else I can find such a plugin?  Please can you test any links before referring - I've been also lead to dead links by looking through messageboards that I came across on Google search.

  Thanks kindly for any help Folks.

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