[Speex-dev] Speex, ACELP, G.729

B. Mitchell Loebel BML at techstartupconnection.org
Fri Aug 19 01:10:51 PDT 2005

Hello Jean-Marc:

I've been watching the speex development from its inception because I 
and several Tech Startup Connection members have a very important 
application for this voice encoding/decoding. Further, we are quite 
familiar with ACELP as implemented in G.729. As far as I know Speex 
is also ACELP ... yes/no?

Question ... what do you see as the advantages of ACELP compared to 
MP3? I had thought that ACELP yielded much smaller files, but now I'm 
not sure because I've listened to what I think were 16kbps MP3 files 
(????) with Apple's ITunes that sounded pretty good ... comparable to 
G.729's 8kbps. I'm speaking about G.729 because I'm not up on Speex 
attributes ... e.g. what Speex bps compares to G.729's 8kbps quality.


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