[Speex-dev] noise cancellation

Randy Toor hellraiser412 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 29 14:37:43 PDT 2005

Well I finally managed to get speex working :)

Vinod I appreciate the wrapper code a lot, I found I couldn't get yours to 
work with the float conversion, but I changed to speex_encode_int instead 
and just passed in the shorts, and it worked perfect :)

I am quite impressed with the quality, it sounds about the same as my PCM 
data.. however..

The mic on my ppc picks up EVERYTHING in the room, and I mean everything, 
including fans and whatnot.. is there a way to get that noise cancelled out 
and focus on the speech only ?

I am using the ARM build by the way, if that makes any difference.. thanks 

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