[Speex-dev] 100% CPU usage

Tay YueWeng yueweng at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 26 22:35:08 PDT 2005

Hi Jean,

> > > Well, just trace it, how many times are you
> calling
> > > speex_decode_int()?
> > 
> > Maximum is 51 times per second. Will this cause
> any
> > CPU high utilization?
> That's normal... What CPU are you using? If it's a
> fixed-point CPU, then
> the reason is probably just the fact that the packet
> loss concealment
> hasn't been completely converted to fixed-point.

I am using intel x86 CPU.

The high CPU utilization go away after I put the
following code protection code:

// when no packet arrived do the following...
speex_decode_int(decoder_state, NULL, shortData);  
//check if shortData[] array is zero bytes.
m_IsZeroData = IsZeroData(shortData);

m_IsZeroData will be set to false when new voice
packet arrive.

It seems to me that speex_decode_int() can not be
execute too many times after shortData[] become zero.


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