[Speex-dev] unsigned and signed ?

Randy Toor hellraiser412 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 25 23:35:37 PDT 2005

In an earlier post I made about learning how to use speex someone nicely 
responded to me with a Speex Wrapper they had written.. however I am having 
an issue now where all I seem to hear is a ticking noise after encoding and 
decoding with speex. It is definitely getting proper data, as if I hit the 
mic somewhat I hear some extra crackling noises.

Now, my code was nearly the same... but...

the difference is his wrapper takes raw data (before converting it to float) 
as CHAR data, whereas my data is UNSIGNED CHAR... would this be an issue ? 
If so, what would be the proper way for me to convert from char* to unsigned 
char* ?

If it's not an issue, any ideas on what could be causing it ? (IE. the 
format of my raw data etc which btw is 8000 samples/sec mono 16bps)

Thanks :)

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