[Speex-dev] writing issues on arm build !

Randy Toor hellraiser412 at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 23 13:21:02 PDT 2005

this is in reply to a different message i posted a couple days ago , im not 
sure how to specifically reply to it sorry :(

heres the message:

thank you very much vinod this does give me a nicer idea :) but i still have 
a couple questions

well firstly, speex_bits_write is still blocking forever, i can never seem 
to get past that line (i am using the armv4 build on ppc2002, but i havent 
found anyone having this issue anywhere)

2. your functions take in char*, does it matter that mine is unsigned char* 
since they are the same size ? meaning, can i simply just change the 
parameter type ?

3. does the type of my PCM data matter at all to speex? ie my bits per 
sample, samples per second, etc.. do i need to set those or is it ok with 
whatever format pcm data i give it ?

Thank you SO much !

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