[Speex-dev] speex voice seems to be bit breaking over long distance.

Tay YueWeng yueweng at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 18 02:28:03 PDT 2005

Dear all,
I have implemented speex. Under LAN environment,
everything is working fine. However, when the source
and destination is about 20 hrs away, with ping
response time of about 800ms, the voice is breaking.
Breaking means you can not hear a smooth voice. Like
the voice is being "chopped" into many pieces.

The amount of packet lost is less than 10%. I have
tried 8KHz, 16KHz, 32KHz. The bigger it gets, the more
lousy the quality. I believe I have enough bandwidth
since the packet lost is less than 10%.  The only
factor that could affect the quality is may be

Any one have any idea of what is wrong?


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