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Jean-Marc Valin Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca
Mon Apr 4 08:40:50 PDT 2005

> 1) Supporting the various versions of Speex is a nuisance, mainly 
> because there is no #define or API call to query the version.

It is possible to get the version using speex_lib_ctl(int request, void
*ptr). Possible requests are SPEEX_LIB_GET_MAJOR_VERSION,
what do you mean by version problems? The API hasn't changed at all for
the 1.0 branch. For 1.1.x, I'm added a few interfaces, but modified
1.0.x to stay compatible (while not breaking 1.0 compatibility).

> 2) My classes covered the basics of Speex and then some, but not 
> every possible option or conceivable use.  When someone wanted to 
> do something that wasn't supported, they emailed me expecting me 
> to update the classes to fit their application.

Yeah, I've seen that here too ;-)

> 3) Almost all of people who emailed me about the classes were in 
> a rush to get their projects working, were having problems, and had 
> obviously not read the Speex documentation, the sample code, or the 
> source code to my classes.  Often I was asked to fix bugs in their 
> application code that had nothing to do with my classes or Speex.

Seen that too ;-)

> Sorry, but it's not worth the aggravation. 

If you still intend to work on your wrapper, it would be nice to keep it
available for people who behave ;-) Perhaps removing your email address
or something. 

>  If you want wrapper 
> classes for Speex, I suggest you read the Speex documentation and 
> sample code, then write them yourself.  Then you will (hopefully) 
> understand Speex well enough to use it properly.  If you run into 
> trouble, you can post your question politely and with enough detail 
> to this list, and someone (perhaps myself) will try to help you.

Yes, this applies to question about libspeex as well!


Jean-Marc Valin <Jean-Marc.Valin at USherbrooke.ca>
Université de Sherbrooke

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