[speex-dev] Re: does installed lib support _int()s ?

Massimo frag_dz8 at libero.it
Sun May 23 02:27:49 PDT 2004

Il lun, 2004-05-17 alle 03:08, Malcolm Baldridge ha scritto:

> > Right now, I'm thinking of adding a speex_lib_ctl() call that would
> > support SPEEX_GET_VERSION (and return a string) or
> > I'm open to other suggestions though. If there's anything you'd like to
> > see in the API for 1.2, say it now. ...and no, I won't add a
> > speex_do_all_the_work_for_me() call :)
> May I respectfully suggest something a bit more organised and less chaotic
> such as:
> 1) A *RUNTIME* call into the library which returns an unsigned long (32-bit)
> value split up as follows:
> 0x00010101
>         ^^ release level [alpha, beta, gamma, release, post-release patch#]
>       ^^ minor version
>   ^^^^ major version

Personally I'm against that. I see it would be somewhat nicer to have
the call just as proposed.
This is also a personal opinion but I don't like the "GET' sub-token.
By the way, since the call is to be added, what could be the proposed
Does the name came from "sysctl" from linux? What are the other possible
arguments that could poke in?

<p>> 2) A *RUNTIME* call into the library which returns the text-version string
> of the library in use.
> speex_lib_version_string() perhaps?

I think it would be nice (though not necessarly needed), expecially if
the returned string is easy to parse (so one could just ask for that and
parse the results out).

I must say this is a personal opinion based on my previous coding
experiences but this is for what mailing lists are for I guess.

Thank you

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