[speex-dev] Error in compiling Speexdec code (Speex-1.1.5 code)onWindows usingVC++6.0

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Fri May 14 03:19:04 PDT 2004

Re: [speex-dev] Error in compiling Speexdec code (Speex-1.1.5 code)on Windows usingVC++6.0If you go to xiph.org, then click downlaods, i think it's there.

Out of curiosity... what are you using on the .NET CF ? Are you using directshow ? Are you trying to play the files or just do file decode to .wav or similar ?

If you are using directshow, i already have imlpemented directshow filters for vorbis, speex, flac theora and demuxer (they are still not complete but vorbis and speex at least work well at least on a normal windows platform)... i haven't played much with CE, but if it has directshow you should be able to use those. You can browse the source at svn.xiph.org/trunk/oggdsf or if you just want the dll's to play with, go to www.illiminable.com/ogg

<p>And yes speexdec needs libspeex which needs libogg.

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<p>  Thanks a lot for your replies. Where can I get Ogg static libraries header, and Ogg header files. Any place where I can download.

  Basically I need to create a Speex library for Pocket PC 2003, that can be used from within my .NET Compact Framework application. For this I need to create a DLL file, which essentially is my Speex decoder.

  For this I simply need to make use of Speexdec, since this what I'll doing in the Speex library. Do I still need to make use

  of the Ogg files mentioned above? 

  any help will be deeply appreciated. 

  Thanks & regards, 

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