[speex-dev] Kindly help me with VAD activation

Abhishek Parakh abhishekp at ee.iitm.ac.in
Sat May 15 06:36:11 PDT 2004


I have generated a dll out of speex-1.1.4 using VC++6. I did not want all the
ogg/wave header in the encoded stream. So I have replaced to codes of
speexenc/dec with that of sampleenc/dec from the manual. Thus now the dll
accepts the raw input, encodes it and returns the encoded data.

I also pass on nbBytes for each frame encoded to the decoder and no other

I intialise the encoder in wb mode, put VAD on in encoder using
speex_encoder_ctl. And also set all the other parameters such as quality,
comp, etc. In the decoder I found only two controls, one for mode and other
for speech enhancement. Thus I set those.

Now when I compile and run this dll with a test program. Every thing seems to
be working fine but VAD is not coming ON. Why is it so? Also I have noticed a
peculiar behavior that when I blow into the mike, VAD comes on. No matter how
loudly I blow into it, however with no speech and complete silence VAD does
not work.

Kindly, help with this. I have been trying to correct it since a long time now
and still have no idea about the problem. I hav tried various machines and
sound cards already.

- Abhishek
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