[speex-dev] Complexity vs BitRate

Aron Rosenberg aron at sightspeed.com
Thu May 6 21:50:03 PDT 2004

Jean-Marc and others,

        We are using Speex inside our Video Conferencing application and have some 
questions about the trade-off of complexity vs bitrate. A little background 
information is needed:

1. For us the actual bit-rate isn't that big a deal. Speex running at 
14kbps or 8 kbps is minor compared to the video traffic running at 128, 256 
or 384 kbps.
2. We care a little about CPU usage - The lower usage the better.
3. We are using 8khz 16bit mono for the raw audio
4. A peaky data-rate isn't a big deal.

We currently use the following options: DTX, VBR (impling VAD), ENH and ABR

Our goal is to get the best sounding audio as possible. Does VBR make more 
sense than ABR given our requirments?

When I set a bit-rate on VBR is that the max that the VBR will go to in a 
given second or how exactly does that work

Aron Rosenberg

<p>P.S. - Who do I have to flog at Xiph to not have the mail archives show 
real email addresses.

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